1. comfort is temporary

  3. graveyardgardenslayer:

    The mask of notorious Serial Killer B.T.K.  Dennis Rader.

    This was his own personal mask he used to enjoy wearing when he would bind himself up. Eventually, he left it at one of his crime scenes. He would later say that he regretted doing so, and missed his mask. His known body count is 10. He is doing his time at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas.

    (via true-crime-101)


  5. nothing is ever ok


  6. pageninetyeight:

    These knives are softer than broken dreams.
    Blood and tears are on the floor.

    I can’t remember a time when I was good at something

    This is my tigersuit.
    Cause I’m a fucking lamb.

    Blood and tears are on the floor.
    I start to lick ‘em.
    They are my daily bread.
    This is my tigersuit.

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  7. today i went to my parents’ house for dinner and cried on the drive home because robin williams died

  8. thetroubledstateside:

    look at the stupid ass rig I used yesterday (using Parker as a height reference) (also the show flier was up in nice slice!!!)

    yesterday was cool


  10. disappointment is everything