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    The Gashadokuro are such a cool folklore concept.

    My favorite thing is this idea that they somehow are able to silently stalk people despite being almost 100-foot tall skeletons, because no one looks up.

    Gashadokuro aka the starving skeletons are the reanimated and combined bones of the victims of starvation. Up to a hundred feet tall, they are heralded by the sound of bells ringing in the ears of their victims. They reach down from above to capture people and bit their heads off. The Gashadokuro haunt the darkness after midnight.

    Japanese folklore has a ton of giant skeletons but the Gashadokuro is the coolest + creepiest

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    The Elephant Man, Joseph Merrick, was an object of curiosity and ridicule throughout his life - studied, prodded and examined by the Victorian medical establishment. Now, 123 years after his death, scientists believe his bones contain secrets about his condition which could benefit medical science today.

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    Called “the perfect place to die,” the Aokigahara forest has the unfortunate distinction of the world’s second most popular place to take one’s life. (The first is the Golden Gate Bridge.) Since the 1950s, Japanese businessmen have wandered in, and at least 500 of them haven’t wandered out, at an increasing rate of between 10 and 30 per year. Recently these numbers have increased even more, with a record 78 suicides in 2002.

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    Catacombs of Paris

    i seen this

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  5. comfort is temporary

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    The mask of notorious Serial Killer B.T.K.  Dennis Rader.

    This was his own personal mask he used to enjoy wearing when he would bind himself up. Eventually, he left it at one of his crime scenes. He would later say that he regretted doing so, and missed his mask. His known body count is 10. He is doing his time at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas.

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  9. nothing is ever ok


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    These knives are softer than broken dreams.
    Blood and tears are on the floor.

    I can’t remember a time when I was good at something

    This is my tigersuit.
    Cause I’m a fucking lamb.

    Blood and tears are on the floor.
    I start to lick ‘em.
    They are my daily bread.
    This is my tigersuit.

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