1. it just hit me on a very real level that i’m probably not good enough and it feels awful


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    "I Don’t Wanna Be Me" | Type O Negative

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    I’m all by myself 
    As I’ve always felt 
    I’ll betray myself 
    To anyone, lost
    Anyone but you. 

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    Stunning photos of Poveglia - the most haunted place in the world - which is now up for sale by the Italian government. Photos include the mass graves of plague victims, the skull of a “vampire” with a rock shoved in it’s mouth to keep it from biting people, and the collapsing ruins of the insane asylum.

    "A quarantine station, a dumping ground for plague victims, more recently a mental hospital — the tiny island of Poveglia in the Venice Lagoon has served many unpleasant purposes over the years, but today it stands empty, a crumbling collection of abandoned buildings and weeds run riot just two miles from the glittering palaces of the Grand Canal. Legends and rumors about Poveglia are nearly as pervasive as the weeds, and they read like a horror story: that so many people were burned and buried there during the black plague that the soil is 50% human ash; that local fishermen give the island a wide berth for fear of netting the wave-polished bones of ancestors; that the psychiatrist who ran the mental hospital was a butcher and torturer who went mad from guilt and threw himself from the island’s belltower, only to survive the fall and be strangled by a "ghostly mist" that emerged from the ground."

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    Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine- The Killers x x _

    I know my rights, I’ve been here all day and it’s time
    For me to go, so let me know if it’s alright
    I just can’t take this, I swear I told you the truth
    She couldn’t scream while I held her close
    I swore I’d never let her go 

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    Our next show. Come celebrate Easter and the best holiday ever a day early.

    This is going to be a banger. Cum 2 it.

    Band incest: the gig

    if some native wildlifes are tri state eras and some tri state eras are deathdealers, are some native wildlifes deathdealers?


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    i hate myself more and more after every interaction i have with another human being. i am an embarrassment.