1. brokenworldmedia:

    Brightside - Circa 2006 - Now and Loud

    Back always hurts. Staying up late makes me a jerk. 
    In the morning at work, you know I’m the worst. 
    watching you across the kitchen while you button your shirt. 
    And I’m losing you, but 
    Reena Ballerina 
    Can you pick me up one more time? 
    Can I see you in another life? 

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  2. thetroubledstateside:

    a band i’m in is going on tour this weekend

    hi come to this if you live in places

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  5. russellcampot:

    Hop Along // Tibetan Pop Stars

    the reason i haven’t written back is because i’m still doing all that bad shit i was

    my love is average. i obey an average law.

    nobody deserves you the way that I do

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  7. me-noyez:

    thank you for loving me
    and bringing light to my eyes

    all we love we leave behind

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  8. i am deeply unsatisfied with the human experience


  9. Anonymous said: That is selfish and unfair of you.